Ian Gwinn, a resident of Northern Virginia, is a fine art and commercial photographer specializing in still life, landscapes and portraits. Ian’s vision is to create memorable images that tell a narrative about the human experience and our relationship to the environment and each other. Working through still life, landscapes and conceptual portraits, Ian’s work is engaging and thought provoking about our everyday life experiences from the transient state of nature to the human canvas of emotions, humor, and life experiences. 

Ian was first drawn to still life as a genre after studying 17th Century Dutch Vanitas paintings. He became intrigued with the symbolism of objects and how through arrangement and juxtaposition, these “dead things” create narratives about the human experience. His contemporary approach to this genre involves the fragile relationship between the organic and the manmade. His subjects include those related to human consumption, scientific exploration, the impending robotic age, and the fertility of the Earth. Ian graduated magna cum laude in May 2016 with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Photography from the Academy of Art University. In 2013, Ian received his Associates of Arts degree from the Academy of Art Universty, graduating magna cum laude.  

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